Our company values include enjoying life, respecting people and planet, and passion for quality. Our management of the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff and contractors is intrinsically linked to demonstrating those values every day.

Our approach

We have an established health, safety and wellbeing management system that focuses on eliminating the potential for harm and enabling wellbeing. In practice, this means developing safe processes to mitigate risk, following up on any incidents, ensuring effective medical attention is received quickly and delivering ongoing wellbeing initiatives. There are health and safety risks and wellbeing issues to be managed in all aspects of our business, including the mental health of the people who work for us and with us.

In 2018, we undertook a Hazard Operability Study (HAZOP) for carbon dioxide at our DB Draught and Waitemata breweries. We set the highest standards for process safety by following the rigorous oil and gas industry model. This includes having a programme that studies our carbon dioxide, ammonia and boiler systems. Once these studies have been completed they are reviewed on a five-year rotation. From the studies we undertook in 2018, we generated corrective actions for each site to check that our control measures are sufficient, or added additional control measures to make the system more robust.

Our ongoing mental health awareness programme included celebrating Pink Shirt Day, a global campaign to stop workplace bullying, across all of our sites. We also created and shared four powerful videos featuring our people telling their mental health stories during Mental Health Awareness Month in October. Our aim is to develop a work environment where people are comfortable talking about their mental health and can seek help and are supported to develop strategies to look after themselves. During the year, our wellbeing programme, Brew Well, Be Well, rolled out popular wellbeing initiatives like the Fit Bit challenge, yoga, boot camp and skin checks across all sites. We continued to develop our peoples’ physical intelligence through the First Move programme and have extended the programme’s reach by developing our own in-house trainers.

Our key targets and performance

The key measures we use to assess our health and safety performance are the number of accidents and the accident frequency rate. We have achieved a positive reduction in both these measures over the past year and are constantly working towards making sure everyone gets home safe everyday and our goal of zero harm. In 2018, we recorded one accident and an accident frequency rate of 0.19 accidents per 100 FTE*. Our accident rate reductions have been achieved through understanding our critical risks and having adequate control measures in place that include developing the capability of our people and establishing good processes.

  2020 target 2018 2017 2016
Accidents 0 1 4 3
Accident frequency rate (accidents per 100 FTE)* 0 0.19 0.79 0.58
Warnings, fines or penalties for non-compliance 0 0 0 0

* FTE – Full time equivalent staff member

Looking ahead

We will continue to invest in managing our highest operational health and safety risks, and support the mental health and wellbeing of our employees through partnerships, employee training and support programmes.

Case study: DB Draught Brewery’s journey towards building a safe and healthy workforce

In 2018, the DB Draught Brewery in Timaru achieved WorkWell’s Gold accreditation, a nationally-recognised programme for creating and certifying safe and healthy workplaces. Gold accreditation is awarded to sites that have demonstrated they have a sustained and embedded wellbeing programme in place for their staff. Since 2014, the site has progressively introduced wellness initiatives, including physical activity and healthy eating programmes, responsible drinking education, financial health checks, smoke free education materials, sun smart tools, and mental health support tools.

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